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I’ll Take ‘Snap Goes the Tendon” for $1,000 Alex.

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The Question is:

He woke up in his San Francisco hotel room about 2am, only to find some creepy lady robbing his room.  The woman stole cash and jewelry and proceeded to run away with the loot.  His aging butt chased her down the hallway, only to hear and feel his achilles tendon go ‘snap!’  He fell into a (word I can’t spell and don’t know what it means inserted here) heap on the floor.  The woman was later caught and charged with robbing him.


The Answer…in the form of a question please?

Who is Alex Trebek?  CORRECT!

You know, when I heard this story on HLN this morning, I paused in disbelief for a few reasons.  First, how the heck this creepy chick managed to get into the room where Alex and his wife were sleeping.  Next, the horror of the unfortunate visual of Alex in his nighty’s running down the hall where surely hotel security cameras now have the image getting ready for YouTube glory.  My next thought was the fact that this dude, who is what….in his late 60’s or older, was actually giving chase to this dastardly villianess.  That part was actually fairly impressive.  Frankly, if it was me waking up in the middle of the night, in a hotel, only to find someone, even a female, robbingme…I would have pushed out a quick load of molten chocolately goodness in my unmentionables.  In that condition, giving chase to a perp would have been darned near impossible.  Anyway, the last thing that really gave me pause, was the quote Alex gave the media post trauma.  He said something like….when he heard his tendon snap he fell in an(ignaminimus) heap on the floor.  People off camera were heard laughing at htis statement.  Here’s my problem with this.  First of all, I put the word in parenthesis becuase I have no idea how to spell it, say it, and certainly have no idea what the heck this pompous Jeopardy dude was trying to say.  Next, I was amazed that people around him were laughing as though they knew the word, what it meant, and got his nerdy Jeopardy pun.

Sure the lesson here is more that I need to read books that are above an 8th grade level a little more often.  But, beyond the obvious, I discovered there are alot of posers out there.  Sure one could argue that he was in the middle of a more educated crowd, but I say nay!  I have convinced myself it was more of them wanting to appear as erudite individuals.

There, that last statement is called self-comforting.  I had to use a Trebekian word to make myself feel better over not having a clue as to the meannig of the earlier mentioned one.

Well, be checking out YouTube for Alex in his elderly glory hobbling down the hall.  It’s sure to be there soon!


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