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According to a report on WLNK’s ‘Matt & Ramona’ Show in Charlotte Friday afternoon, the end of the world is near! Well, that wasn’t exactly the topic of conversation, but, the end result might as well be the same. Apparently, none other than disgraced Congressional nerd-gone-wild, “Anthony Weiner’ is in talks to participate in the next ‘Dancing with the Stars’ on ABC.

Holy freakin’ crap! Just when you think that nothing else could strike you as ‘surprising,’ along comes a sleazy, slimy little slap in the face called ‘Weiner.’ First of all, what the heck is his wife thinking? Is she still in the picture? If she is, and she approved this disaster, I just lost respect for her now. Wasn’t it bad enough that this creepy, scrawny, angry, defiant little liar of a weasel flaunted his weiner all over the web because this ‘lawmaker’ wasn’t intelligent enough to know the difference between, ‘reply’ and ‘reply all’… but now, we may have to see his awkward, nasty little physique prance about the stage with some hot Russian 20-something Stolichnaya chick. Good grief Charlie Brown!

I honestly don’t know fully whether I should be horrified, or drawn to this little carnival freakshow of a train wreck and actually watch. It just doesn’t seem right that I should be watching some weiner fly about my 50” DLP TV without porn being involved. (Not that I approve of that sort of thing anyway…just taking advantage of an obvious pun). Shame on me.

So before I go any further I need to get the following off my chest:
1. Can we PLEASE elect leaders that are smarter than the rest of us?
2. Would it be too much to ask that they not be allowed access to the net so that we can avoid this weirdness in the future?
3. Do we have to endure these guys deliberately deceiving us? How about when they get caught, we don’t call for a committee to ‘look into the matter’, but rather, immediately kick their hind ends out and lock the door?

Well, I just decided I’ve said enough about this individual. I just hope to the good Lord above that he doesn’t taint this season with his presence. Oh by the way, the only reason I watch is because I have to. My wife makes me! For real!

Now listen up ABC, I’d like to recommend my list of ‘stars’ I’d like to actually see on your show. Not in any particular order, just get them on!
1. Nancy Grace (of HLN…nobody watches this crap so I had to elaborate)– I don’t really like her. I actually find her immensely annoying, but think it would be hilarious to listen to her yell at everyone.
2. Seth MacFarlane – he amuses me
3. Martha Stewart – don’t like her either, but would watch just to see her snap her ankle. I figure it might be weakened from wearing that Federal ‘bracelet’
4. Mike Tyson – “I just snapped” –need I say more?
5. Regis Philbin – He’s out of control! Is he still alive?
6. Robin Meade of HLN’s Morning Express….is it just me, or is she hot? Goooooood morning sunshine!
7. For this slot I suggest we insert either Stevie Wonder or Steven Hawking. Before you get crazy on me, hear me out. They had that deaf chick on and she did well, so why not other handicaps? Let’s just parade all categories of disabled around for the viewing pleasure of America. Behave! Before you go nuts, you should know, I’m legally blind myself. So, consider this prior comment, my God-given privilege. No? Ok, my bad.
8. Larry King ( no joke necessary)
9. Jessica Alba – only if she promises to wear that leather suit she used to wear on ‘Dark Angel’
10. Sara Ferguson (yeah former dutchess of wales or whatever) Goodness knows she’s not doing anything these days.
11. Hey, speaking of Fergi…I’d like to see Miss Boom Boom Pow doing the Cha-Cha-Cha
12. Walter. You know, Jeff Dunham’s puppet! Come on, tell me that wouldn’t be the most hilarious thing to hit television since…well, ever! You’d have Walter holding on to a female dance instructor, again let’s just go with miss Stolichnaya, and you’d have Jeff running around with his hand up his backside making it all happen. Good times.

Alright, so maybe this dream lineup of mine will most likely never see the light of day, but, dang it, I had fun. Let’s hear your dream, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ lineup. Post it, and see if I like yours better.


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