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Today is day #4, in week#1 of a 26 week marathon training program that I have voluntarily entered into. Today is a scheduled ‘rest’ day, thank the good Lord above!

Let me tell you a little bit about yesterday. You see, I have to tell you today, because I was practically closer to a dance with an automated external defibrilator (AED) than I was with receiving laurels after a marathon! If you have read my previous marathon entry, you are aware that I am a member of the 40-something crowd, and am doing this bloody thing as part of a late 4th quarter ‘hail-mary’ attempt at scratching ‘marathon’ off my bucket-list. I kind of wish at this point that I had more mundane achievements on my life ‘to-do’ list. I rightly opened my big fat mouth to the world to tell everyone I’m doing this, so that it makes it more difficult to quit. Shame at this point is already not seeming like too bad of a consulation prize! But, I press on.

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling more like an 80-something. My legs were incredibly sore and stiff, despite a whole lot of stretching and hydrating. I found myself standing on my treadmill with my head rested on the hand rests. Thoughts of ‘how the heck am i gonna pull this off today’ were swirling around my sleepy head. After arguing with the voices in my head for a few moments, I proceeded to start her up. Much to my surprise the lousy 2 mile run seemed like a scene from one of those old movies depicting the Bataan death marches of World War II. After my warmup, I managed to get going at a nearly respectable jog. I did finish SLIGHTLY faster than I had on day #1, but, according the NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association) normative date, I’ve got a way to go to catch up with my age group! I find it hard to believe I was at one time of my life a certified personal trainer with the NSCA. Oh what shame I’ve brought upon the organization! I’ve got some serious redeeming to do.

Anyway, stay connected to track how this fat, legally blind, 40-something pulls it together! Maybe, just maybe, there’ll be a bit of inspiration in it for you.

Here’s looking forward to tomorrows run, and hopefully approaching ‘average’!


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