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Hallelujah & Praise the Lord! I did it!

You know that old Chinese proverb, the one that says, ‘a journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step.’??  Well, as you know by now, I set out on a journey, not of 1,000 miles, but on a quest to run a 26.2 mile marathon.  The journey called training is a 26 week program, and I am thrilled to announce that the first step is done!  I have officially completed my first week of training.  Let me tell you that today’s little 2 mile run was enormously difficult for me.  In addition to the fact that I’m still trying to get into shape, and running 2 miles would be difficult no matter what, but the mental battle is almost as tough.  Man, I really dragged my feet getting started today, and once I did, it didn’t get any easier.  But, I am happy to report that somehow I not only finished, but shaved a full minute off my time from Wednesday.  Woo hoo!  Getting closer to ‘average’!

I guess I fibbed a little…today was the last workout for the first week fo training.  But the week actually ends Sunday, but Saturday and Sunday are both scheduled ‘rest’ days.  I’m pretty sure I can pull that off though.  I don’t suspect I’ll post over the wekend, reporting that I messed up my training and ran a few miles!  No chance of that happening.

This would probably be a good time to confess that I haven’t been smart enough to look up and implement a proper diet for this kind of training.  It is somethig I will try to do this weekend.  I have indeed made some changes.  I’m making sure i’m eating ‘clean’ carbs prior to runs.  I also have found myself less inclined to eat the junk food.  Shoot, Wednesday after my run, I went to Starbuck’s with a friend.  I got my usual iced coffee, but, had them put in splenda instead of sugar.  Surprisingly it was actually pretty good.  Now, it wasn’t as nice as getting those little ‘crunchies’ of raw sugar at the bottom, but, it was sweet, and less guilt involved.  So, I guess it was an acceptable change.

Tomorrow is back to school shopping for my son.  Gotta take advantage of tax free weekends!  I will be hunting down some good running shoes.  The sneakers I have now will kill me if I keep using them!

Everyone have a great weekend, and look for the next scheduled post on Monday.  But again, you never know when I might just post a random rant.  I’m open to diet advice!  Lay it on me.


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  1. Go Jeff…Go!!! You can do it 🙂


    August 7, 2011 at 10:41 am

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