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Hey, hope everyone had a great weekend!

Today kicked off week#2 of my marathon training, and man do I have some stuff to report!  First off, I mean no disrespect towards FOX News, but, I have figured out that watching the news while I run wasn’t helping me worth a dime.  As much of a news junkiie, and FOX News fan that I am, I am swearing it off whilst I run the miles.  Granted, I guess I’m supposed to be making progress, but wow, what a difference.  Today, I decided to plug in the iPod, slap on the headphones, close my eyes and pump the music.  I know I’m not breaking any new ground here when I say that it really does make a difference, but, it does!  Also, I was sporting some new Nike running shoes that I scored this weekend.  Went out with the fam to grap some back-to-school clothes for my son, and picked them up.  Made a big difference in how I felt.  Cushiony!

Now down to the ‘meat’ of my post.  This aging first time marathoner is all excited because I finished a 3 mile run today.  Woo Hoo!  The big part of that is that my per mile time is also already coming down, and I’m running a bit further each time…as is the plan.  After I cooled down, I even went outside to get my butt whooped at basketball with my 7 year old son.  Not to take anything away from my little man, because he is indeed awesome, but wow, I really suck!

Well, be blessed, and I will probably post again before tomorrow.  I have to see what’s going on int he world and pass my own personal judgement.  I’m leaning towards ranting about this whole world economic collapse.  But, we shall see.  I’m trying to keep my blood pressure good!


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