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OMG, the MTV VMA’s

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Where do I begin?  I guess I’ll start out with my disclaimer.  I know I’m getting older, but definitely not old.  Perhaps we can blame some of the basis for this rant on age, but what about the rest?

For starters, I tuned into the VMA’s last night, and man was I shocked at the utter crap this awards show has become.  MTV hang your head in shame.  The first thing that struck me is the total crap work the audio engineer was doing.  For instance, the voice over guy should be ticked off!  You get a great, highly visible gig, and then the incompetent audio guy screws it all up by having the music way too loud and the voice over way too low.  To be certain it just wasn’t me, I turned to my wife, and she agreed it was very difficult to hear what he was saying.  Wow!  Horrible.

Next, why in the name of all that is right in the world do we get so called ‘good Christian girls’ that allow themselves to be turned into massive whore machines…then take to the stage and want to give credit to God!  OMG!  Case in point, we all know Britney Spears has gone off the rails of the Christian train long ago.  She has whored it up for quite some time, changed religions, sucked face with Madonna, sung about, and glorified group sex and then last night thanks god for the blessings she has.  Come on!  If you are going to give thanks to ‘god’ can you at least be a little more specific.  Like, thank you ‘god’ of this world Satan!?  Because the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, part of the Holy Trinity Father, Son and Spirit is NOT glorified in any way shape or form by you parading yourself around as a slutty princess.  Furthermore, He is not going to ‘bless’ that behavior.   So let’s call it what it is…your ‘god’ is blessing you to keep you off track from fulfilling your God purpose.

Next up was our little Katy Perry…  If you search Katy Hudson(Katy Perry’s real name) you will find some pretty decent Christian songs from her Christian artist days.  The sad  part is that in one of her interviews she warns against becoming seduced by the world, and standing firm in your faith.  Then last night she wins an award for collaboration with Kanye West for ‘Extraterrestrial.’  She is so thrilled with winning her first idol (the moon man).  The bitter irony here is that she finishes what she had to say and Kanye….KANYE remembers to thank god…then Katy says, oh yeah, and god.  Holy Crap!  Let us remember the line from the Bible here that says, or rather asks the question, ‘what does it profit a man to gaint he whole world, but lose his own soul?’

I hate to be a voice of judgement.  I certainly am smart enough not to pass judgement here, but we are supposed to know them by their fruit.  What concerns me is that millions of kids around the world watch this garbage and look up to these people.  They hear and see things like this and think that God somehow condones ‘christian girls’ dressing like prostitutes and prancing about singing about 3somes (TGIF – Katy Perry and 3 by Britney Spears).  Gimmie a break.

Let us pray for these two to see clearly again.

Moving right along…maybe I am getting old, because I didn’t get the whole thing.  I turned off the tv and went to bed after the whole Kanye /Katy thing.  But up until that moment, there wasn’t even a host?  What’s up with that?  Plus the live performances were just so…I dunno…weird.  Oh and here’s a great one…I’m mr. rocker from way back.  When they announced the nominees for best rock video…I only recognized one artist(group), and thank God they won!  The Foo Fighters.  But, again, I didn’t know the particular song.  Wow, I’m out of touch!

Here’s a sad commentary on the show insofar as I watched it.  The best moment for me was that shaker weight commercial.  The one where they brought back Beavis & Butthead!  Classic.

It really made me long for the old days.  In 1999 I had the great honor to attend the VMA’s.  I was a guest of my aunt who was a writer for a cable tv trade magazine.  At the time, I was a morning show host of a top 40 station in Grand Cayman, Z99.  Chris Rock hosted.  Yes, they had a show host for 9.9.99!  The show was actually entertaining from Blink 182 performing live outside teh Lincoln Center, to Chris’ performance.  The live acts included greats like Nine Inch Nails, TLC, Kid Rock with Run DMC, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, and even a performance by the lip syncing queen herself, Britney Spears.  Presenters included the likes of Madonna, Prince and David Bowie.  And Sir Paul McCartney got the lifetime achiement award and was there in person to receive it.   Ahhh, the good old days.

Is Tom Freston still the president of MTV?  Well, whoever it is, wow, try to run a tighter ship next year ok?  I know I’m out of your target demographic, but geesh!

Oh, and one last question.  Where are people seeing music videos anyway?  How are they voting on something they dont even show anymore?  When was the last time you saw a video on MTV, or M2???   If it wasn’t for youtube, i would see any of them.

good day!


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