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His Honor, Jeff Grillo Passes Judgement

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If this story doesn’t get you all bananas, then I’m not sure what will.  It is another example of how litigious our society has become.  The United States of America has become an ‘entitlement state,’ or as I like to call it, a ‘gimmie state.’

A case out of Iowa is on it’s way to the US Supreme Court.  Basically, a Federal Court has already ruled that an 8 year old girl is not eligible (entitled) to $150,000 in social security benefits from her deceased father.  Here’s why…This little girl was born TWO YEARS after her father passed away from leukemia.  Yes, that’s right…I know you did the quick math… 2 years after his death!  Apparantly, mom decided to VOLUNTARILY go through with IVF (invitro fertilization), again, a completely voluntary decision.

Ok, after a brief pause to sip my delicious cup of coffee, I’m ready to continue.

So, here’s my issue with this insanity.  Why in the world should this mom think that she/her child, is in any way shape or form entitled to any death benefit from her dead dad?  Now sure if she was the product of natural conception and was born say several months after her dad died, yeah, give her the benefits that are due under the law.  However, the mom made a clear cut decision…I will assume and give the benefit of the doubt and say that she got fertilized out of a sincere desire to be a mom to her beloved deceased husband.  I’m ok with that.  I think.  But to consciously make the decision and assume that somehow, now, her personal decision is somehow now the responsibility of the US Federal Government is undeniably absurd!  How about ma’am, that you figured out a way to pay for your own little crumb muncher?  Why not do what you have to do to pay your own way through life?  I’m sorry, but if I’m a judge i have to rule against you.  My ruling would be based on the voluntary nature of your decision to be fertilized via a medical and therefore un-natural process to conceive a child.  That decision was made without duresss, with full knowledge that your dearly departed hubby was no longer in the picture and therefore unable to provide for this child.  Furthermore, if you consciously decided to begin this life long commitment with full knowledge thatyour husband is long gone and therefore so is his financial benefit under US law….I’m sorry, so sad, too bad.  Next case.

Again, I don’t judge the woman for wanting a child.  I’m unsure about how i feel about the whole IVF thing.  To me, it’s weird, but I’m not willing to condemn another person for wanting to do that…IF they are prepared to parent on their own, and can handle the challenge.  What I am willing to pass judgement on however, is the deeply engrained entitlement mentality that this nation hasdevelped.  Great society?  I think not.  A fantastic plan to bankrupt the nation?  yep!

Well, I certainly can’t be the only one that thinks this is nuts…but, then again, you never know.  Please let me know your thoughts.  Sure I want to hear from those who agree.  But, if you think I’m the one thats nuts.  Let’s hear from you too.  Just keep in mind, if you cuss me out, I wont post your comment.  Be clean!

Hey Iowa mom….sounds like you need my new website.  You know, the one for Win at Life!  It is designed to help people facing life’s toughest challenges.

Nice segue huh?


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