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Well, as I’m sure you’ve heard, we are 2 weeks away from the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars.  Lo and behold ladies and gentlemen ABC is trotting out the bearded lady!  Fresh of it’s carnival sideshow act, and fresh to the DWTS stage.

Chaz…ma’am, sir… you’ve gotta know you are about to be exploited as a freak show attraction.  Why are you doing this to yourself?  First off, it’s Dancint with the STARS!  How in the world do you qualify as a ‘star’???  I suppose you’ve made your rounds on the talk shows because of who your mommy and daddy are/were.  And the bizarre ‘wonder twins’ transformation you are putting yourself through ahs caught the gawking stares of more than a few folks.  Shoot, what am I saying, they had ‘the situation’ on last year.  Hey ABC!  Rename your program to Dancing with the talentless nutjobs.  That’s a little more truth in advertising.  Sorry Cloris Leachman!  I did love you in High Anxiety!  Nurse Diesel…gotta love it.

The true draw for me is to see the answer to the question of who gets stuck with Chaz?  I mean, I she gonna get to dance with someone like Max?  Or will ‘he’ be dancing with that Russian girlie, what’s her name?  Man, either way, you gotta figure whoever draws the short straw is gonna be pretty ticked!  Does he have his new…ummm….how do I say this……plumbing?  I don’t know much about these sort of things, Thank God!  but, if the external plumbing hasn’t been hooked up, won’t that give an unfair flexibility advantage?

For all of it’s freaky goodness, Chaz babe….buddy, I’m pullin’ for ya.  I hope you make it pretty far.  Let’s face it, without you…this year’s show will prove to be a flop.  You are the only ‘person’ of any real interest.  Apparantly the good folks over at ABC didn’t see my earlier blog that pointed out my dream cast.  Oh well, there’s always next year.

Oh wait…let’s speculate some of the songs Chaz might dance to.  Here’s my top 3, please give me your top 3 choices and i’ll post them.

1.  Karma Chameleon

2.  What’s that Stone Temple Pilots song…”Half the Man I Used to be”?  lol

3.  (3) by Britney Spears….let’s face it, if she/he has an intimate encounter with anyone, isn’t that automatically a threesome?

Ok, it’s obvious I need your help with this.  leave a comment with your personal favorites.  You’ve gotta be able to do better than this!


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