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Dollars for Criminals

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I intended to blog about this when I heard about it yesterday, but got sidetracked until now.    I heard a news report stating that the IRS confirmed that an estimated $4 BILLION annually is paid to ILLEGAL ALIENS.  Yep, i guess the fact that I wont call them ‘undocumented workers’ must mean I’m a racist.  While I don’t think anyone who knows me would say that…the PC police probably would.  I just call it like it is.  If you break the law as your first act in this country…I don’t care what your reasoning is…you are a ciminal and here illegally.  Plain and simple, it is what it is.


So, back to my story, the IRS doesnt give out Social Security numbers to illegals, however, a little loophole in the system allows them to give ‘worker identification numbers.’  These numbers act as social security numbers for illegals.  They can work a job and pay taxes…but here’s the kicker.  At the end of the year they can file their taxes and if their income is under a certain level, they receive their money back, PLUS 41,000 per child that they ‘claim.’  The IRS admits this amounts to the aforementioned $4 Billion annually.

Geez Louise!

Now, when asked why they don’t report these aliens to ICE…they simply replied that it’s not their job.  Additionally, they indicated that their mission was to collect as much tax renue as allowed by law, thus justifying the issuing of ‘identification’ numbers.


I guess this is what happens when you believe that big daddy government ought to run your life.  While I’m not a Herman Kane supporter (even though I like most of what I hear), I do agree with his 9/9/9 stance when it comes to taxation.  9% corporate taxes, 9% personal taxes, and 9% national sales tax.  Thgis levels the playing field, makes taxation fair and based on percentage of income and spending as opposed to arbitrary numbers cooked up by politicians.  Also, as Mr. Kane so aptly put in the debate last night, ‘if 10% is good enough for God, then 9% ought to be plenty for the Federal Government.’

Look, nobody in their right mind would argue the nation is messed up royally.  But, can we at least all agree that giving away hard earned LEGAL taxpayer dollars to criminals ought to be stopped immediately?

I’m Jeff Grillo, and I approved this message!


Written by jeffgrillomedia

September 8, 2011 at 9:31 pm

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