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Hey Mr. President…Let Me Help You Out!

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Like Forrest Gump stated…”I may not be a smart man…”  I’m certainly not an economist, but even though there is no way on God’s green earth that Obama will ever get my vote, I do want to help him out…for the sake of the Republic.

He is just moments away from laying out his plan to spend another $447Billion, dollars taht belong to US Taxpayers.  He’ll do this to ‘stimulate’ the economy.  Even though, when he spent double this amount last time, it had little to no effect.  What effect it did have, evaporated within a few months.  We can’t afford this!  So here’s an immensely simple, two step plan that will save the economy.  Ready?  Here it goes…

Step 1.  CUT REGULATION!  Everyone knows the engine of the economy is small business.  According to government stats, Obama has enacted an average of 10 new regulations on business per day!  Do the math.  that’s thousands of new rules that cripple business.  The hands of small business owners are tied.  It has been made too darn expensive to do business in America.  Hence that giant sucking sound of jobs flowing outward!  Cut, oh I don’t know, maybe just half of the regulations you started and watch the engine get moving again.

Step 2.  GIVE THE MONEY BACK!  Not only am I not an economist, I’m not a mathematician.  But according to my quick calculations there are some 300 Million citizens in this country.  Instead of whizzin’ away $445 Billion on stupid programs that won’t rwork.  And seeing as though this is a primarily consumer driven, service economy, give that money back to the individuals in this country in the form of a rebate check NOW!  According to my calculations, this will be in the ball park of $1,500 per person.  A family of 4 will receive $6,000!

Here’s the near immediate effect of this bill passing into law.

First, business regain some confidence and begin to hire new employees.  People begin to collect less unemployment, relieving the burden on States, and unemployment insurance.  These new earned dollars flow into the economy.  Fewer homes go into foreclosure.  Fewer credit cards, and bank loans go into default.  The banking sector is strengthened.  Goods and services begin to get sold again.  This further fuels business and the economy and encourages more business growth.  See the cycle forming here?  The influx of cash via the rebate now strengthens families as well as individuals.  This influx of cash further slows mortgage defaulsts.  Further relieves default rates on bank loans, lines of credit, and credit cards.  This further stimulates bank liquidity and shores up the banking sector.  With this new found strength, and decline in foreclosures, banks will be more willing to make new loans for homes and businesses.  Further cranking up the economic engines.  Goods and services are moving in a way that have not since prior to 29008.  Unemployment rate drops.  Home values rise.

Hey wait!  On second thought, this will no doubt work.  Which means people will fall in love with Obama all over again… 4 more years?!  Oh no!  Yeah…this is probably a bad idea.  Scratch this blog…

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