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McDonalds’…Made in China

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FOX News, this morning, aired a very funny clip from Jay Leno.  It went something like this.  “McDonalds’ has just announced some 700 new restaurants that they are opening in China.  Wow, that’s great.  Now every kid in China can get a happy meal with a toy prize that they made.”  Again, something like that.  But, it brings up a few thoughts…

First…Will families in China, who have ‘a’ child be able to afford a ‘happy meal’?

Secondly…Do they raise cattle in China?  Are all these beef patties and formed chicken product nuggets going to be exported TO China?  Hmm…if so, that’s quite a change.

Thirdly…Will a Big Mac combo with a Coke, also come with a fortune cookie?

You know…I didn’t much care for Donald Trump as a potential Presidential candidate.  But back when he was entertaining the idea of running, he did make alot of great points…especially regarding the trade imbalance with China.  One point he made was that we are not playing on a level playing field.  China manipulates it’s currency making it easy for China to export to the US, but very difficult for the US to compete and in turn, export US goods to China.  Hey McDonalds’!  Let’s get those commie pinko Chinese!  How about you use those 700 stores to even the playing field, and bring back some of those Chinese dollars…or whatever their currency is called…back over here!  Here’s a 2 for 1 special.  How about you double the price of everything you sell them.  Thereby, each 1 item is now the price of two!  Then start funneling that cash back here to the US.  Lo and behold, an influx of Chinese money to the US that is NOT in the form of a loan!  Ta da!  Foreign policy made simple.  Then, how about we get some American…or better yet, ‘undocumented’ workers….oh let’s call them what they are…illegal aliens here in the US….deport them to McDonalds slave labor camps in China.  We’ll make them don the polyester uniforms and sling  burgers to the commies, and we’ll only pay them what they would have gotten here in the US as, well, whatever they were making.  Less than minimum wage.  This solves another US policy problem.  We get rid of the crime, financial burden, and draw of US healthcare dollars and save that money here.  They get shipped off to China where they make money for the US.  Nice change?  But Jeff!  What about these poor ‘undocumented workers’ and their families.  Simple…  It goes back to the point I make over and over again.  If your first act on US soil is to break the law getting here.  Then you continue to break the law by getting forged documents, tax evasion etc…then you are by definition a criminal.  Oh, and you’re not a citizen, so therefore you ahve no frights!  If you want rights…come here legally.    Just a thought.

Not the most Christian thing Jeff.  Again…I know it sounds bad, but look at the positives.

What are these ‘immigrants’ looking for?  Work!?  They’ll get it.  And they will get paid, and treated nicely.  McDonalds’ folks are nice.  How can a clown be bad to work for, I ask you?  They get jobs.  We get a reduction in expenditures associated with dealing with illegals.  We even the trade imbalance.  More americans get jobs, due to them now being more readily available.  And Chinese kids get to be fat along with American kids.  It’s the circle of life people!

Does this make me a racist?

Man, I hope not.  I really do love all people.  I’m just trying to think outside the box and come up with answers to lots of different problems, all wrapped up into one solution.  If anything, this doesn’t make me a racist…but rather, just plain goofy.

What can I say?  I tried!

Maybe I should leave the comedy to the professionals.

Hey…to all my earthly brethren of every race, creed, and gender.  If you want real solutions to the challenges you face… visit   No comedy there, just serious help for the struggles you face.  Register for your free newsletter and audio download.

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Written by jeffgrillomedia

September 14, 2011 at 5:40 pm

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