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Man, I’ve been listening to the fallout the Feds are going through over the Solindra scandal.  You probably have heard about this solar panel manufacturing company somewhere n California.  Funding was underway during the Bush administration, however, some 2 weeks before Bush left office, they were beginning to pull financing from them, because doubts were coming to light about the viability of this compnay.

Obama comes in and jumps on rushing approval through.  Suspect is the relationship between big Solindra financier, George Kaiser…who is also friends with Obama, and a mighty big contributor to his campaign.  Long story here, but suffice it to say half a Billion dollars of stimulus money given to this company…then they go belly up!

Geesh!  If this is the way the Obama administration is conducting stimulus, then I think I’m going to apply for some cash.  Jeff Grillo Media, could certainly use an infusion of cashola.  You know, I wouldn’t even have to collect hundreds of millions of dollars.  Shoot, I’ll take a modest 20 million buckeroos, and I’ll hire a boatload of workers and pay them a few years, whether we get any work or not.  I won’t even file bankruptcy…I promise!

What other businesses could I start?  Hmmm…  Maybe I could start a blogging company.  No worries wordpress!  What I’m talking about is getting me a nice fancy office.  Then, I’ll hire a staff consisting of secretaries, book keepers, a coffee girl, maybe even a full time massage therapist or two, and two or three people to scan the web, tv and radio for goofy stories for me to write about.  Hey, it’s no worse a waste of taxpayer dollars than anything else Obama has been tossing about.  Just my opinion, but don’t be surprised to see me on TV when I get my millions from y’all!  lol

Love ya, mean it, bye!


Written by jeffgrillomedia

September 16, 2011 at 8:14 pm

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