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The Buffet Tax Confusion…Let Me Clarify!

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My first reaction when I read about the new proposed Buffet tax by Obama, was one of horror!  Oh the humanity, I cried!  I know the President keeps harping on the ‘fat cats’ in Washington, but, now he’s going after the ‘fat cats’ nationwide!  Shoot man, why not just call it what it is…the FAT TAX?  After droning on for a few minutes to my wife, she pointed out that it was not a tax on buffets, but the ‘Buffet Tax,’ as in , Warren Buffet the Billionaire.

Apparently, I had lost something in the translation.  But, wow!  What a relief to know that I can still belly up to the salad bar…oh who am I kidding?  I can still belly up to the all you can eat monster China, or as I like to call it, the Godzilla sized China Buffet!  I mean who can resist mountains of fried rice, chicken lo mein, and egg rolls…oh my!  What about the crab rangoon, sweet & sour chicken, those little mystery pork ball thingys, and Chinese BBQ wings?!  What the heck is it with Chinese buffets by the way…their desert bars are always the same.  Jello, pudding, some sugary fried dough crap and soft serve vanilla ice cream.  Seriously…why no authentic Chinese deserts?  Hmmm, on second thought maybe that’s why you don’t see fat Chinese people.  Hey Liu Kang would it kill you to put a brownie ou there.  Us fat Americans like those little chocolate squares cut straight from the fabric of heaven, ya know.

But I digress…

Ok, so I made an honest mistake.  Tell me there aren’t people in South Florida right now freakin’ out that their iTunes downloads of Margaritaville, and Fins are about to get taxed up the wazoo!

I’m just saying that the media should quit being so darned lazy.  All they hd to do is call it the WARREN BUFFET TAX, and that would have cleared up the confusion it caused dumb Americans, such as myself.  Well, not so much that we’re dumb…as much as…..squirrel!

As for the tax… what am I, an economist?  All I can say is stop taxing the people we want to invest in creating jobs.  Maybe if they have a little more, they will spread it around.  Maybe, maybe not.  I just hope someday i am one of the 230,000 Americans that make over $1 Million a year.  I’d like to try that once….or twice!


Written by jeffgrillomedia

September 19, 2011 at 2:00 pm

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