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False Profits

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Ok, this one is super short.  Yes the title is correct.  The use of the word ‘profits’ instead of the expected ‘prophets’ was indeed inteded.

For months I have observed the propogation of fear on the web, especially in the realm of YouTube.  So many theories on end times, NWO, rapture dates set and the overall end of the world as we know it have been out of control.  In response to this insanity, I put together a ten minute video which will expose the wrong thinking and help you towards truth and dare I say a healthy dose of sanity!

Please take the time to watch this video in its entirety.  Be sure to repost wherever you can and share it with anyone and everyone you can.  There is a lot of fear out there right now and I am certain we all can benefit from a nice dose of hope.

Thank you in advance!  Blesings!


Written by jeffgrillomedia

October 4, 2015 at 11:55 pm

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