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False Profits

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Ok, this one is super short.  Yes the title is correct.  The use of the word ‘profits’ instead of the expected ‘prophets’ was indeed inteded.

For months I have observed the propogation of fear on the web, especially in the realm of YouTube.  So many theories on end times, NWO, rapture dates set and the overall end of the world as we know it have been out of control.  In response to this insanity, I put together a ten minute video which will expose the wrong thinking and help you towards truth and dare I say a healthy dose of sanity!

Please take the time to watch this video in its entirety.  Be sure to repost wherever you can and share it with anyone and everyone you can.  There is a lot of fear out there right now and I am certain we all can benefit from a nice dose of hope.

Thank you in advance!  Blesings!


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October 4, 2015 at 11:55 pm

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Hopefully my title grabbed you, especially if you’re one of those uptight folk that get all nuts over people saying the word ‘Christmas.’ 

I don’t have a particular bone to pick or battle to wage in this blog post, but rather, just felt like having a little ‘public’ reflection time.

As I get older, it amazes me how fast time flies by me.  I know this is a common phenomenon.  I recall being a little kid and hearing my parents lament over the passage of time.  This always seemed a bit of a mystery from a child’s perspective as, Christmas, and for that matter, any good event always seemed to take forever and a day to arrive.  Now, I find myself in those familiar shoes and asking myself, ‘where did the time go?’  All the shopping is done, and now, just the waiting for those magical moments when my two children get their long desired treasures.  The fun for my wife and I is al about that.  Now, don’t jump ahead of me.  As a Pastor and lover of all things Messiah, i and my family are very much in touch with the true meaning of what we celebrate at this time of year. 

In fact, that brings me to the ‘meat’ of my blog today.  This isn’t the typical baby Jesus story, but rather a look at the big picture of Kingdom business.  In the book of Matthew, in the 22nd chapter there is an account of a scribe questioning Jesus as tho which was the most important of all the commands.  Jesus replied, quoting places in Leviticus and Deuteronomy, to love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and soul…which better translates as all your time, talent, and resources. 

I taught this a little in depth during a leadership meeting at my church this past Sunday.  But for the sake of brevity here, I just want to mention it so that you hopefully take away that one simple line.  I hope you think on it as we near the end of the year and ask yourself if you have loved and served the Lord your God with all your time, talent and resources this year.  If not, I certainly hope you bring it with you into the new year and start it anew.

When it comes right down to it…if you give of your time talent and resources for any reason other than for the Kingdom…then you do it in vain.  Keep the furtherance of the Kingdom of God foremost in your heart as you give of yourself.  God will bless you here and now…but more importantly you lay up treasure in heaven.


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December 14, 2011 at 3:12 pm

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Jeff Grillo 2016 Campaign Kicking Off NOW!

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With the deadline to file a candidacy coming up at the end of this month, I am too late to declare for 2012…Sorry America!

But, I figure I will toss my hat in the ring now for the next go-around. What qualifies me for President of the United States of America? A simple answer…the Constitution. You see, the only qualifications required are that you are a natural born citizen….check! AND, that you are at least 35 years old…check!

I have come to the conclusion that America needs a plain talking man of his word to take the reigns of this once great nation. Under a Jeff Grillo Presidency, this nation will once again be great!

Here’s my platform..take it or leave it.

1. America FIRST – No more throwing money over seas to nations that hate us. Stop nation building. Last I checked, those nations we are bombing the crap out of now, were pretty crappy before we got there. How about they thank us for getting rid of tyranical dictators and move on. Just a thought… I’m not saying it’s right but it’s right for now. Bring our men and women home. A few strategic places we can keep troops…ie, Japan, S.Korea, Germany, Italy, etc. Keep some boys in Saudi Arabia in case anyone in the Middle East gets out of line, we will have a quick path to even things up. I know this was under Domestic policyt…but by starting with this, I merely point out I will save trillions of dollars by cutting us off from being the world cops.
2. Cut corporate taxes to match those of nations our corporations are running to in order to save money. This may not sound smart, except it will bring jobs home! More jobs at home…bigger tax base…voila!
3. Enough with the green crap! Drill baby drill! Sound familiar? I think I’ll make that Palen chick czar of oil and drills and stuff. Canada? Keep those oil sands coming baby. Solar? The only solar policy I have is use a little spf before hitting the beach….capice?
4….or whatever number is next….(typing too fast). Let’s put people to work by bulding that freakin’ fence along the border….build it with wood, concrete, steel…electronic thingys with lasers that’ll blast anyone sgoofy enough to cross the border illegally. BUT…in fairness…we’ll clamp down on ALL illegal entry to this nation…BUT…hand in hand with that policy we will streamline and speed up the process for LEGAL immigrants. Let’s not make it difficult for people trying to get here legitimately who want a better life.
5..i’ll get back to domestic stuff later….that’s enough for now.

1. ISRAEL….YES / IRAN…NO! Benjamin Netanyahu…you have free reign to do what you will with people who pose a threat….and we will have your back!
2. UN….thanks but No THANKS! yOU ARE EVICTED…NO more money from US taxpayers. You’re evicted…find a new home. As for the property in the US…Library? Community Center? Museum to stupid policies? sure!
#next…. US military….lets build build build. How about a fleet of new nuclear subs and aircraft carriers and station them off the China Coast….just in case.
#next… China….i like Donald Trumps position on China…if you’re not gonna play nice and stop manipulating your currency…25% tarrif. That ought to do it.
#next… Let’s boost up our cyber defenses too….and how about we nuke Nigeria if they keep sending me those stupid email scams to get my bank account info. Maybe that’s just me…. Sorry Nigeria. Maybe we’ll just unplug you guys from the net. Oh…and if I get one more freakin spam email from viagra…enlarge my manparts email…holy crap….enough already!

Look, I’ve got ideas a plenty, but in order to get going….I need to know my blog readers are with me here! Just in the interest of transparency here…I’m a registered republican…but if I run, I’m guessing I wont get the GOP nomination…so I’m gonna start a grassroots movement to start a new party. No more DEM, GOP, or IND…I’m starting the WTF party! No it’s not what you think. It stands for “Why the Frown?” Its a party for people who have been made sad by the current system. The WTF party will stand for sane, right thinking people who are tired of frowning….and want to smile!

I love you all1 God Bless America!

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October 8, 2011 at 8:38 pm

Trying Not to Die

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In case you’ve been paying attention and noticed that I have not posted anything in my ‘My Marathon Training’ category in a while. First off, yes I am still training. I am in week #9 of 26 weeks of training. This should be week #10, but I repeated week #8 in order to get back on track after a week of injury.

I’ve got to admit, I have mixed emotions about my training. It seems to be more and more of dread involved with my runs now that they are getting to be 8 and 9 miles long. Im experiencing more pain. That being said, I am improving in terms of cardiovascular health. I’m on the borderline of being ‘average’ finally! Yes…a big improvement! My weight however has remained about the same which is incredibly surprising m to me. I have definitely made physical changes. My waistline is trimmer for sure. My legs are much more defined. I’m guessing that the weight gains in muscle are offsetting fat loss. But, it is still somewhat disturbing to me.

I’m guessing the #’s on the scale will startt to drop here soon. Gotta believe that my legs are only gonna get so big. Then any additional fat loss should show up then.

Overall, am I glad I’m doing this? Yes. It’s insane all day long, but, I do feel better in some ways. Plus, it will be one big check mark on my bucket list. I just hope i get to check it off, before the training kills me!

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October 5, 2011 at 2:55 pm

Can You Say, “Oops!”

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As you may have heard on the news, the power went out for about 3 million people in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  Traffic was a chaotic mess due to the fact that the traffic lights were out.  People were trapped in elevators, (escalator riders were presumably safe).  Air conditioning went out resulting in a multitude of sweaty, grumpy Southern Californians.  Plus, one would imagine the horror of those relying on medical machines to keep them alive at home.  What happened?  A terrorist attack?  Earthquake?  Lightning strike?  Car crash into a telephone pole?  What?!  Nope, none of the above.  An electrical worker doing some sort of project in a sub-station apparently, snipped the wrong cable.  Oopsie!

Can you possibly imagine the sick feeling in the pit of that man’s stomach when he realized his error?  How would you like to be at his next company review?  Imagine the conversation when he got home to his wife and peanutbutter and jelly by candlelight.  “how was your day hone?”  Sounds like Homer Simpson is an actual power company employee.  I only hope Mr. Burns threw him to the hounds!

Here’s what I don’t get.  It was reported that 2 California nuclear power plants were taken offline due to the lack of electricity.  What?!?!?  I know I’m no electrical engineer, nor nuclear scientist, but, huh?  Isn’t it the nuclear power plant that is creating the power in the first place?  Do you mean to tell me, they can’t just stretch an extension cord from some power strip into the reactor?  Holy cow that’s weird.  That’s kind of like… uh, well, it’s sort of like….  well, it’s just weird that’s all!  Springfield, you’ve met your match.

I think I’m going to apply for licensing to start my own nuclear power plant somewhere.  Then, I think I will fail to pay my electric bill.  What are they gonna do, cut me off?  Then millions will lose their power!?  I think I have just devised the greatest get rich quick scheme ever!  All of you who are with me, send me your piggy banks and we’ll go in this together.  No?  Any takers?  I’ve got a feeling I’ll have to go this one alone…

As an aside…I want to let you know I’m pretty excited about this weeks issue of my newsletter.  I wrote an article personally for this issue where I discuss “The MIA Principle.”  It’s a great success strategy and a proven one at that.  Sign up for it…it’s FREE, and you’ll also get my FREE audio presentation, “7Keys to Overcome Every Life Challenge”.    My site is

God Bless all the families who are mourning the loss of loved ones this 9/11.  May God have mercy on us all.

Beauty Is Skin Deep…But UGLY Goes Straight to the Bone!

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Life is an amazing thing.  Perspective is also pretty amazing.  I love how you can have multiple people witness the same event, separate them, and then have them tell what happened.  Invariably, you will get as  many different stories as you have witnesses.  So, it doesn’t surprise me that I find myself having to blog about the topic of ‘ugly’ today.

There is a professor of economics at the University of Texas/Austin by the name of, Daniel Hemmermesh.  He wrote a book called, “Beauty Pays.”  He is advocating adding the classification of ‘ugly’ to affirmative action, putting it on par with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).  He maintains that ‘ugly’ is as immutable as a persons race, or disability, and therefore concessions ought to be made to protect the ugly.

Personally, I have no idea how to take this.  On the one hand, as a legally blind person I am appalled!  On the other hand, being that I have a number of years under my belt as a radio personality…and have been told I have a ‘face for radio’…I think, hmmm….more opportunity.  Thankfully, good sense is winning out here.  What the h eck?!  I can only hope that th is is some sort of ‘stunt’ aimed at getting attention to drive book sales for this guy.  I tend to think this is part of the problem with education in America today.  It also speaks loudly to why America is in such economic crisis.  We have guys like this clown teaching us economics!

Where does this end, I ask?  Are companies going to be required to hire ugly folk to act in their commercials?  Will strip club owners be forced to hire overweight and butt ugly women to twirl about those poles?  What’s next?  Affirmative action to cover the lazy?  The stupid?  Come on!

On behalf of blind, ugly, overweight, lazy butt dummies everywhere…I say, stop the madness!


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August 30, 2011 at 7:29 pm

The ‘Fitch’ Nixes the ‘Sitch’

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I caught some news today that really kind of surprised me.  Believe me when I say that not much surprises me anymore, but, this is kind of a new one on me.

Apparantly, Abercrombie & Fitch decided to take the high road and attempt to acquire a certain modicum of class.  (insert snicker here)  They have made an offer to the ‘Situtation’ and other members of the so-called ‘reality’ show, Jersey Shore,’ to pay them to NOT wear any of their clothing!  Apparantly the no class shore members are an embarassment, and therefore bad for business for the ‘Fitch.’

Now let me just say here, that I’m probably too old to get the whole fitch thing anyway, i’m not exactly in their demographic.  My kids are too little to be shopping there, so I’m pretty much out of the proverbial loop on this one.  But, isn’t this the store that in the not too distant past employed advertising that bordered on child porn?  And isn’t this the company that last year, or maybe even it was this year, like I said, I’m getting old.  They tried selling padded bikini tops that were targeted at 8 year old little girls?  Holy crap!  On the one hand hand, maybe this represents a turn around in corporate policy.  Maybe they have seent he light.  Perhaps they no longer believe that any press is good press.  Maybe they’ve grown tired with the bad rap they have brough on themselves.  Or, maybe in some weird self-righteous attempt to make themselves look better by demonizing others.  Who knows, time will tell I suppose.  But, wow!

So, the cast of greasy slimeballs on the shore are too low class for purveyors of child porn huh?  They must be so proud.  I can proudly say I have never seen that cesspool of a show, but I have seen Dancing with the Stars (again, my wife makes me) and I’ve seen him there.  Less than impressive.  And if you want to see funny, look up the Donald Trump Roast on Comedy Central.  You can find it on youtube for sure.  I don’t know if he wrote his own ‘jokes’ but they were ghastly.  Shoot even Snoop Dogg slayed the crowd.  The situation made Jeff Ross look funny.  Not an easy thing to do.  Ok, who am I kidding, even DONALD TRUMP was comparatively hilarious!

The sad moral of this post is taht A&F really has sunk to new level if they feel they have to bribe anyone to not wear their clothing.  Please!  Gimmie a break.  And as for the pathetic nut jobs that are delusional enough to think they are stars…enjoy the last 30 seconds of your 15 minutes!  tick…tick….tick…  time up!