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Now I’ve Heard Everything

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I was planning on blogging about all the hullabaloo over class warfare.  But after catching a short sound byte on FOX News I decided I had to put class warfare for another day, and touch on this atrocity Ithat just came to my attention.  Stick with me, this will be short…I’ve gotta go grab cup of coffee #3 for the morning.  I’m almost awake!

Alright, I’m missing some of the details such as; names of those involved and the exact name of the law involved…and like I said, I’m in a hurry to go get my java, so no time to play with the DVR.  But, you’ll get the point alright.  So, the story goes like this.  A Canadian woman is suing her 2 adult children.  She is suing under Canadian law called, something like, the parental support act.  First you need to know that the mom in question abandoned her children when they were only 15 years old, and has not seen her kids since that time.  Under the law, she is suing her children for parental support to the tune of $750 per month.  I guess the point of the law is to have children be responsible and take care of aging parents who need help.  Naturally the kids doth protest.  Citing the fact they were abandoned and have had no relationship with her for decades.  The jury is still out.

Does Canada recognize ‘mother of the year?’  If not, here’s your opportunity!  Look, I grew up in New England, and I understand how stinkin’ crazy cold it gets in the winter.  I also understand SAD, (seasonal affective disorder).  You know the disorder that gets people all nutty and depressed because of the lack of light and sunny days.  Gets people all sad and moddy and stuff.  But come on!  Seriously Canada?  I think of Canadians as Americas weird, awkward uncle.  Aside from oil, hockey players and Nickelback…they don’t really have a whole lot going on.  Is this just a desperate cry for attention O Canada?  Stop the madness!  The fact that this is even a consideration under the law…to hold people responsible for parents who were NOT responsible is ridiculous!  Have members of US 9th circuit court of appeals infiltrated your justice system?  I thought we (they) had the market cornered on crazy…but you have surprised me.

To the mom…you’re sick, nuts, sad and pathetic.  Welcome to the Biblical principle of ‘you reap what you sow.’  It’s one thing if your kids choose to forgive you, and have pity on you and decide on their own free will to help you out.  But for you to have the gaul to feel entitled enough to sue in court to force the very people you refused to love and nurture in favor of neglect, reject and abandon. ..and now you want them to care for you?  WOW!

I sincerely hope that the Canadian courts rule in favor of your kids and leave you to fend for yourself.  First , so you can enjoy the harvest that you are due.  Also, while you suffer and live in poverty for the remainder of your days…hopefully you will think long and hard about the error of your ways.  Maybe you might actually be sorry for what you’ve done.  Who knows, maybe even a little repentance may come out of it.  In the long run, if that’s the case…you just might appreciate the decision of the courts to leave hanging out to dry.

In any case people, let this be a lesson to you.  Be good parents.  Love your children.  Care for them.  It’s not only the right thing to do, it just may come back to you later in life.  Parents sometimes do indeed need their children to take care of them.



Written by jeffgrillomedia

September 22, 2011 at 12:03 pm