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Daddy’s Back!

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Hey Kids!

Sorry that I had vanished without a trace for a time.  It was not my intention to leave you, my treasured readers lonely and afraid, (or something like that).  Things have been insane for me the past several weeks.  Suffice it to say up front, that I am alive and hanging in there no worse for the wear.    I’m still suffering through dancing with the stars.  I have no bloody idea how or why Nancy Grace and Chaz Bono are in the mix.  Gotta be some sort of Faustian pact with teh devil I suppose.

My marathon training got interrupted per doctors orders around week #9.  I’m pretty bummed about it because I was making great improvements.  This Friday I am having some mroe testing done, and hopefully all will be fine, and I can resume training.  I’m guessing I’ll have to back track a few weeks and build back up once again to where I was.  I assure you all that my training is merely postponed, and not cancelled(by God’s grace and mercy!).

I’ll keep you posted on that.

Also, I did have opportunity to begin posting some ‘serious’ articles on

Not sure if you are familiar with that site, but, if you are so inclined, I strongly encourage you to check it out, and look for me….Jeff Grillo!  Woo Hoo!  ( you won’t see any woo hoo’s from me over theree!)

I am pretty much back.  I can’t promise daily articles right away…but, i can promise you that you wont go more than a couple days without a dose of my madness.  Oh…I should also have some good news to post pretty soon.  I have a new radio show that is going to be syndicated on a few internet radio sources.  As soon as I have URL’s and times, I’ll post here so you can check it out.  The show is pretty nutty and funny.  If you remotely enjoy my posts, you will absolutely love the radio ME!



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October 25, 2011 at 12:44 am

Hey Mr. President…Let Me Help You Out!

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Like Forrest Gump stated…”I may not be a smart man…”  I’m certainly not an economist, but even though there is no way on God’s green earth that Obama will ever get my vote, I do want to help him out…for the sake of the Republic.

He is just moments away from laying out his plan to spend another $447Billion, dollars taht belong to US Taxpayers.  He’ll do this to ‘stimulate’ the economy.  Even though, when he spent double this amount last time, it had little to no effect.  What effect it did have, evaporated within a few months.  We can’t afford this!  So here’s an immensely simple, two step plan that will save the economy.  Ready?  Here it goes…

Step 1.  CUT REGULATION!  Everyone knows the engine of the economy is small business.  According to government stats, Obama has enacted an average of 10 new regulations on business per day!  Do the math.  that’s thousands of new rules that cripple business.  The hands of small business owners are tied.  It has been made too darn expensive to do business in America.  Hence that giant sucking sound of jobs flowing outward!  Cut, oh I don’t know, maybe just half of the regulations you started and watch the engine get moving again.

Step 2.  GIVE THE MONEY BACK!  Not only am I not an economist, I’m not a mathematician.  But according to my quick calculations there are some 300 Million citizens in this country.  Instead of whizzin’ away $445 Billion on stupid programs that won’t rwork.  And seeing as though this is a primarily consumer driven, service economy, give that money back to the individuals in this country in the form of a rebate check NOW!  According to my calculations, this will be in the ball park of $1,500 per person.  A family of 4 will receive $6,000!

Here’s the near immediate effect of this bill passing into law.

First, business regain some confidence and begin to hire new employees.  People begin to collect less unemployment, relieving the burden on States, and unemployment insurance.  These new earned dollars flow into the economy.  Fewer homes go into foreclosure.  Fewer credit cards, and bank loans go into default.  The banking sector is strengthened.  Goods and services begin to get sold again.  This further fuels business and the economy and encourages more business growth.  See the cycle forming here?  The influx of cash via the rebate now strengthens families as well as individuals.  This influx of cash further slows mortgage defaulsts.  Further relieves default rates on bank loans, lines of credit, and credit cards.  This further stimulates bank liquidity and shores up the banking sector.  With this new found strength, and decline in foreclosures, banks will be more willing to make new loans for homes and businesses.  Further cranking up the economic engines.  Goods and services are moving in a way that have not since prior to 29008.  Unemployment rate drops.  Home values rise.

Hey wait!  On second thought, this will no doubt work.  Which means people will fall in love with Obama all over again… 4 more years?!  Oh no!  Yeah…this is probably a bad idea.  Scratch this blog…

But, be sure to check out my free newsletter and get my free audio download.  It’s a presentation called ‘Throttle Up!” 7 Keys to overcome every life challenge.  You can find it at,

Can You Say, “Oops!”

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As you may have heard on the news, the power went out for about 3 million people in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  Traffic was a chaotic mess due to the fact that the traffic lights were out.  People were trapped in elevators, (escalator riders were presumably safe).  Air conditioning went out resulting in a multitude of sweaty, grumpy Southern Californians.  Plus, one would imagine the horror of those relying on medical machines to keep them alive at home.  What happened?  A terrorist attack?  Earthquake?  Lightning strike?  Car crash into a telephone pole?  What?!  Nope, none of the above.  An electrical worker doing some sort of project in a sub-station apparently, snipped the wrong cable.  Oopsie!

Can you possibly imagine the sick feeling in the pit of that man’s stomach when he realized his error?  How would you like to be at his next company review?  Imagine the conversation when he got home to his wife and peanutbutter and jelly by candlelight.  “how was your day hone?”  Sounds like Homer Simpson is an actual power company employee.  I only hope Mr. Burns threw him to the hounds!

Here’s what I don’t get.  It was reported that 2 California nuclear power plants were taken offline due to the lack of electricity.  What?!?!?  I know I’m no electrical engineer, nor nuclear scientist, but, huh?  Isn’t it the nuclear power plant that is creating the power in the first place?  Do you mean to tell me, they can’t just stretch an extension cord from some power strip into the reactor?  Holy cow that’s weird.  That’s kind of like… uh, well, it’s sort of like….  well, it’s just weird that’s all!  Springfield, you’ve met your match.

I think I’m going to apply for licensing to start my own nuclear power plant somewhere.  Then, I think I will fail to pay my electric bill.  What are they gonna do, cut me off?  Then millions will lose their power!?  I think I have just devised the greatest get rich quick scheme ever!  All of you who are with me, send me your piggy banks and we’ll go in this together.  No?  Any takers?  I’ve got a feeling I’ll have to go this one alone…

As an aside…I want to let you know I’m pretty excited about this weeks issue of my newsletter.  I wrote an article personally for this issue where I discuss “The MIA Principle.”  It’s a great success strategy and a proven one at that.  Sign up for it…it’s FREE, and you’ll also get my FREE audio presentation, “7Keys to Overcome Every Life Challenge”.    My site is

God Bless all the families who are mourning the loss of loved ones this 9/11.  May God have mercy on us all.

I Just Don’t Get It!

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Yesterday wrapped up week #3 of my marathon training program.  Only 23 weeks to go…sweet.  Now, weeks 1 and 2 made sense.  Lots of struggle, sweat, near death experiences and so forth.  I even lost about 5 to 5 1/2 pounds.  Nice start.  But week 3, obviously the most grueling to date, as each week progressively ratchets up the torture level.  Despite the increased distance and intensity, I somehow managed to gain about 2 pounds.  What in the name of all that is right in the world is up with that?

My wife offered up, (unsolicited by the way), that it could have something to do with the 2 donuts I choked down on Saturday.  I’m certainly not delusional enough to think that I have gained any muscle of significance,  but, how in the name of Dunkin’ Donuts can you gain 2 pounds from that?  I know they are high calorie treats, but 3,500 calories each?  No way.  There is some other conspiracy at work here, and i’m not sure what it is, but when I get my arms around it, I’ll be sure to report it here first.

2 pounds indeed!

i guess the glimmer of hope, and good news is that I improved my 1.5mile running time to 17:11.  Now, I mentioned in an earlier post that I was approaching ‘average.’  But, it turns out I was sadly misinformed.  I pulled out my old manual from the NSCA (national strength and conditioning association), and looked up the normative date.  For my age group, my time on the 1.5 mile run just put me from ‘very poor’ to plain old ‘poor.’  Holy cow!  I still have to go through poor, make it through ‘fair’ and then I will finally achieve average.  How sad.  Funny how good news of improvement can ruin your day!

But, as Paul the Apostle wrote…’I press on towards the mark…’  I’ve got today and tomorrow off, but a crazy rest of the week when it comes to running.  I cap it all off Sunday with a 5 mile pre-church run.  Here’s to even better news next Monday.


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August 22, 2011 at 9:14 pm

Potty Animals

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Nothing says ‘Friday night’ like a ‘Pull-Ups’ training DVD.

Alright, so it is one of those understood things when you decide to procreate and raise offspring, that you will give up certain things.  These ‘certain’ things can pile up and become many things, but one thing is for sure, it is all worth it.  That being said, the ‘worth it’ part, for me anyway, isn’t realized until after the fact.  What I mean is that during the torture of watching my beautiful 50″ Sony HD DLP and surround sound tied up with images of potty training… I tend to lose the joy of it all.  Don’t get me wrong, I guess I would rather live with the agony of watching what amounts to a stinkin’ infomercial for Pull-Ups, than to endure the teen years changing Depends.  So, in that sense, it’s all good.

It’s just that I used to be so cool.  My Friday nights would be filled with fun, socializing, and then there were my days as a radio jock.  Those were my years of ultimate coolness.  Funny how time flies, and things change!  My wild Friday night blogging just to avoid watching potty training videos again.  Oooooh, exciting.

Trust me, I’m not complaining.  I’m blessed with the two greatest kids to ever walk this earth…at least since I was a kid!  ha ha!  But seriously, they are the most wonderful thing ever.  I am just pointing out how things change and even though the action packed social life is all but dead, what it’s replaced with is beautiful and lovely.  Except for the potty training!

I’m guessing the video is close to done, so I’m off to scoop up my little one and enjoy her before beddy bye time.  Then, it will be time to slaughter my son at a heated game of Trouble.  Remember that game?  That’s the cool part of parenting.  Getting to enjoy the toys you grew up on all over again.  Anyway, if you haven’t read my post titled, “Nothing Like a 7 year old to Make a 41 year old Act Like a 2 Year Old”!….I suggest you go check it out.  You’ll get a glimpse of the rest of my evening at home.

In case you didn’t know, I launched a new website.  Please check it out.

Have a great weekend potty animals!

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August 19, 2011 at 11:46 pm

The ‘Fitch’ Nixes the ‘Sitch’

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I caught some news today that really kind of surprised me.  Believe me when I say that not much surprises me anymore, but, this is kind of a new one on me.

Apparantly, Abercrombie & Fitch decided to take the high road and attempt to acquire a certain modicum of class.  (insert snicker here)  They have made an offer to the ‘Situtation’ and other members of the so-called ‘reality’ show, Jersey Shore,’ to pay them to NOT wear any of their clothing!  Apparantly the no class shore members are an embarassment, and therefore bad for business for the ‘Fitch.’

Now let me just say here, that I’m probably too old to get the whole fitch thing anyway, i’m not exactly in their demographic.  My kids are too little to be shopping there, so I’m pretty much out of the proverbial loop on this one.  But, isn’t this the store that in the not too distant past employed advertising that bordered on child porn?  And isn’t this the company that last year, or maybe even it was this year, like I said, I’m getting old.  They tried selling padded bikini tops that were targeted at 8 year old little girls?  Holy crap!  On the one hand hand, maybe this represents a turn around in corporate policy.  Maybe they have seent he light.  Perhaps they no longer believe that any press is good press.  Maybe they’ve grown tired with the bad rap they have brough on themselves.  Or, maybe in some weird self-righteous attempt to make themselves look better by demonizing others.  Who knows, time will tell I suppose.  But, wow!

So, the cast of greasy slimeballs on the shore are too low class for purveyors of child porn huh?  They must be so proud.  I can proudly say I have never seen that cesspool of a show, but I have seen Dancing with the Stars (again, my wife makes me) and I’ve seen him there.  Less than impressive.  And if you want to see funny, look up the Donald Trump Roast on Comedy Central.  You can find it on youtube for sure.  I don’t know if he wrote his own ‘jokes’ but they were ghastly.  Shoot even Snoop Dogg slayed the crowd.  The situation made Jeff Ross look funny.  Not an easy thing to do.  Ok, who am I kidding, even DONALD TRUMP was comparatively hilarious!

The sad moral of this post is taht A&F really has sunk to new level if they feel they have to bribe anyone to not wear their clothing.  Please!  Gimmie a break.  And as for the pathetic nut jobs that are delusional enough to think they are stars…enjoy the last 30 seconds of your 15 minutes!  tick…tick….tick…  time up!

Elvis Update: Yep, Still Dead

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On this day, August 16, 1977, Elvis Presley officially ‘left the building’ for good.  It is amazing to me that he died 34 years ago today.  Not that I am keeping track or anything, personally, no sweat off my brow.  I just heard the news segment whilest sipping my morning cup of crack, more commonly referred to as coffee.  I almost blew some of this hot concoction out my nose when I heard that his estate made over $60 Million dollars last year.  That’s a hunk-a-hunk of burning cashola.

As far as anyone making more annual income 34 years after they’re dead, than I most likely will make in my entire life is somewhat disturbing.  Now, I’m sure there are many lessons to be learned here, but, I’m not sure how many of them I can actually apply to my own life.  The moral of the story is that royalty income is the way to go.  I did write that one book in 2006 that didn’t quite make me rich.  It is a bit of motivation to get cracking on finishing up book #2.  Still, I’m not sure the possibility is there to rise to the level of the Elvis maching, but, a guy’s gotta try.

With respect to the Elvis-freak nutjobs out there, I have a few things to say.  I get the whole ‘thing.’  I know he was ahead of his time.  I understand the women thought he was ‘dreamy.’  The old story of the women wanted to ‘with’ him, and the men wanted to ‘be’ him.  But for the love of Pete (whoever that is), come on already.  The guy has been dead for longer than Katy Perry has been alive.  He died with his pants around his ankles.  Kind of appropriate that the ‘king’ died on his throne though!  ha ha!  You would be hard pressed to manage to die in a more embarassing state, but, then again, how was that dude Rober Caradene and Michael Hutchins of INXS found?  Ok, there are worse ways, but I just hope he wiped first.  That’s all i’m saying.  And was there ever an interview with the EMT first on the scene?  I believe I would pay money to hear that interview.

I think that folks that flock to Graceland, don the Elvis garb and sport those lamb chop sideburns need to really find a new hobby.  I wonder what the demographics are with respect to these people and income, religion and social status.  I can’t imagine you’d ever see Donald Trump sneaking into one of these events with cheesy sunglasses, white suit, bell bottoms and scarfs-a-plenty.  People make fun of folks like me for being what they call, ‘Jesus freaks.’  I’m ok with that though.  If I’m gonna be labeled a freak, might as well be over the Son of God, a man who was also God, who changed the world forever, who is the only way to enter heaven, etc.  What good is being an ‘Elvis freak?’  Plus you don’t see too many people dressing in robes and wearing thong sandals with clip-on beards walking around singing Hebrew praise tunes… do you?

Anyway, Elvis, gotta admit, on the rare occasion I actually hear one of your old tunes, I do tap a toe every now and then.  I’m glad you grew up in a Pentacostal church, and even made a few Gospel albums.  I just hope for your sake, in the midst of your drug induced haze that you called out to the God of your youth before you hit the floor.  I think you’d make a heck of a worship leader in heaven.  Hope to see you there.

Thank you very much.

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August 16, 2011 at 12:44 pm