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Hopefully my title grabbed you, especially if you’re one of those uptight folk that get all nuts over people saying the word ‘Christmas.’ 

I don’t have a particular bone to pick or battle to wage in this blog post, but rather, just felt like having a little ‘public’ reflection time.

As I get older, it amazes me how fast time flies by me.  I know this is a common phenomenon.  I recall being a little kid and hearing my parents lament over the passage of time.  This always seemed a bit of a mystery from a child’s perspective as, Christmas, and for that matter, any good event always seemed to take forever and a day to arrive.  Now, I find myself in those familiar shoes and asking myself, ‘where did the time go?’  All the shopping is done, and now, just the waiting for those magical moments when my two children get their long desired treasures.  The fun for my wife and I is al about that.  Now, don’t jump ahead of me.  As a Pastor and lover of all things Messiah, i and my family are very much in touch with the true meaning of what we celebrate at this time of year. 

In fact, that brings me to the ‘meat’ of my blog today.  This isn’t the typical baby Jesus story, but rather a look at the big picture of Kingdom business.  In the book of Matthew, in the 22nd chapter there is an account of a scribe questioning Jesus as tho which was the most important of all the commands.  Jesus replied, quoting places in Leviticus and Deuteronomy, to love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and soul…which better translates as all your time, talent, and resources. 

I taught this a little in depth during a leadership meeting at my church this past Sunday.  But for the sake of brevity here, I just want to mention it so that you hopefully take away that one simple line.  I hope you think on it as we near the end of the year and ask yourself if you have loved and served the Lord your God with all your time, talent and resources this year.  If not, I certainly hope you bring it with you into the new year and start it anew.

When it comes right down to it…if you give of your time talent and resources for any reason other than for the Kingdom…then you do it in vain.  Keep the furtherance of the Kingdom of God foremost in your heart as you give of yourself.  God will bless you here and now…but more importantly you lay up treasure in heaven.



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December 14, 2011 at 3:12 pm

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