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Daddy’s Back!

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Hey Kids!

Sorry that I had vanished without a trace for a time.  It was not my intention to leave you, my treasured readers lonely and afraid, (or something like that).  Things have been insane for me the past several weeks.  Suffice it to say up front, that I am alive and hanging in there no worse for the wear.    I’m still suffering through dancing with the stars.  I have no bloody idea how or why Nancy Grace and Chaz Bono are in the mix.  Gotta be some sort of Faustian pact with teh devil I suppose.

My marathon training got interrupted per doctors orders around week #9.  I’m pretty bummed about it because I was making great improvements.  This Friday I am having some mroe testing done, and hopefully all will be fine, and I can resume training.  I’m guessing I’ll have to back track a few weeks and build back up once again to where I was.  I assure you all that my training is merely postponed, and not cancelled(by God’s grace and mercy!).

I’ll keep you posted on that.

Also, I did have opportunity to begin posting some ‘serious’ articles on

Not sure if you are familiar with that site, but, if you are so inclined, I strongly encourage you to check it out, and look for me….Jeff Grillo!  Woo Hoo!  ( you won’t see any woo hoo’s from me over theree!)

I am pretty much back.  I can’t promise daily articles right away…but, i can promise you that you wont go more than a couple days without a dose of my madness.  Oh…I should also have some good news to post pretty soon.  I have a new radio show that is going to be syndicated on a few internet radio sources.  As soon as I have URL’s and times, I’ll post here so you can check it out.  The show is pretty nutty and funny.  If you remotely enjoy my posts, you will absolutely love the radio ME!



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October 25, 2011 at 12:44 am

The New ‘Dancing’ Debut

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Hey, how about Han Solo’s daughter?  Wasn’t she great?  Little Hope Solo is all grown up now and goalie for the US Women’s Soccer Team, and did a rather nice Waltz on her Dancing with the Stars Debut.  Now, my eyes aren’t what they ought to be, but from what I hear she’s not bad in the face, and has a set of abs you can crack a walnut on.  Impressive.  Scary, but impressive.  I dunno, there’s something about a woman who can kick my butt that I find freakishly interesting.  My wife was into kickboxing when I met her, and made it plain early on I better stay in line.

Then, what the heck was up with Carson Cressley?  Mr., or is it Miss Queer Eye for the Straight guy?  I’m a real man, and never watched that freakshow, but I have heard about it.  Getting to witness all that is light in the loafers last night from the safety of my couch was actually somewhat amusing.  I don’t get it, but thee was some entertainment value I suppose.  Seriously though, what is it with gay guys acting so weird and flamboyant?  If they are men with some weird female gene thing shouldnt they be more like women?  In addition to the sexual deviant nature of the whole thing…shouldn’t they just be all about shopping and make up?  Where the heck does the glitter thing come into play?  In my circle of contacts, I don’t see women acting like that nut?!  Well, I guess I should thank Carson…afterall if it wasn’t for fruit loops like him, I probably would have gotten beat up a lot more in high school.  Thankfully we had some gay folk that occupied the time of the bullies!  lol

Chaz…dear Chaz.  What were you thinking?  Ok, I get it, you’re gay.  Born a woman, attracted to women, sure.  Maybe the whole sex change thing is a way you justify your attraction to women.  I almost get it.  But if you are going to go through the pain, shame, scrutiny and public gawkers to undergo this transformation…why not go through just a tinsy winsy bit more pain and work out a few times?  Ok class, here’s your bonus question:  What’s worse than being a trangender individual?  Right!  Being a FAT, transgender individual.  OMG!  Chaz, my man…(and I use the term loosely), let’s use this public embarassment as a vault to a new, leaner, meaner you.  From what my wife says, your lady friend in the audience was actually fairly normal looking.  I’m not saying you need to go all Hope Solo on the abs, but geesh!  Put down the cupcakes!

By the way…I hear that when Bruno Tolioli gave his score to Chaz…what we actually saw was edited in.  What really happened was his usual flip out and then he gave Chaz his number.  No, not the score….his actual number!

How many more weeks of this crap do I have to endure?

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September 20, 2011 at 6:38 pm

Chaz Bono

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Well, as I’m sure you’ve heard, we are 2 weeks away from the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars.  Lo and behold ladies and gentlemen ABC is trotting out the bearded lady!  Fresh of it’s carnival sideshow act, and fresh to the DWTS stage.

Chaz…ma’am, sir… you’ve gotta know you are about to be exploited as a freak show attraction.  Why are you doing this to yourself?  First off, it’s Dancint with the STARS!  How in the world do you qualify as a ‘star’???  I suppose you’ve made your rounds on the talk shows because of who your mommy and daddy are/were.  And the bizarre ‘wonder twins’ transformation you are putting yourself through ahs caught the gawking stares of more than a few folks.  Shoot, what am I saying, they had ‘the situation’ on last year.  Hey ABC!  Rename your program to Dancing with the talentless nutjobs.  That’s a little more truth in advertising.  Sorry Cloris Leachman!  I did love you in High Anxiety!  Nurse Diesel…gotta love it.

The true draw for me is to see the answer to the question of who gets stuck with Chaz?  I mean, I she gonna get to dance with someone like Max?  Or will ‘he’ be dancing with that Russian girlie, what’s her name?  Man, either way, you gotta figure whoever draws the short straw is gonna be pretty ticked!  Does he have his new…ummm….how do I say this……plumbing?  I don’t know much about these sort of things, Thank God!  but, if the external plumbing hasn’t been hooked up, won’t that give an unfair flexibility advantage?

For all of it’s freaky goodness, Chaz babe….buddy, I’m pullin’ for ya.  I hope you make it pretty far.  Let’s face it, without you…this year’s show will prove to be a flop.  You are the only ‘person’ of any real interest.  Apparantly the good folks over at ABC didn’t see my earlier blog that pointed out my dream cast.  Oh well, there’s always next year.

Oh wait…let’s speculate some of the songs Chaz might dance to.  Here’s my top 3, please give me your top 3 choices and i’ll post them.

1.  Karma Chameleon

2.  What’s that Stone Temple Pilots song…”Half the Man I Used to be”?  lol

3.  (3) by Britney Spears….let’s face it, if she/he has an intimate encounter with anyone, isn’t that automatically a threesome?

Ok, it’s obvious I need your help with this.  leave a comment with your personal favorites.  You’ve gotta be able to do better than this!

The ‘Fitch’ Nixes the ‘Sitch’

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I caught some news today that really kind of surprised me.  Believe me when I say that not much surprises me anymore, but, this is kind of a new one on me.

Apparantly, Abercrombie & Fitch decided to take the high road and attempt to acquire a certain modicum of class.  (insert snicker here)  They have made an offer to the ‘Situtation’ and other members of the so-called ‘reality’ show, Jersey Shore,’ to pay them to NOT wear any of their clothing!  Apparantly the no class shore members are an embarassment, and therefore bad for business for the ‘Fitch.’

Now let me just say here, that I’m probably too old to get the whole fitch thing anyway, i’m not exactly in their demographic.  My kids are too little to be shopping there, so I’m pretty much out of the proverbial loop on this one.  But, isn’t this the store that in the not too distant past employed advertising that bordered on child porn?  And isn’t this the company that last year, or maybe even it was this year, like I said, I’m getting old.  They tried selling padded bikini tops that were targeted at 8 year old little girls?  Holy crap!  On the one hand hand, maybe this represents a turn around in corporate policy.  Maybe they have seent he light.  Perhaps they no longer believe that any press is good press.  Maybe they’ve grown tired with the bad rap they have brough on themselves.  Or, maybe in some weird self-righteous attempt to make themselves look better by demonizing others.  Who knows, time will tell I suppose.  But, wow!

So, the cast of greasy slimeballs on the shore are too low class for purveyors of child porn huh?  They must be so proud.  I can proudly say I have never seen that cesspool of a show, but I have seen Dancing with the Stars (again, my wife makes me) and I’ve seen him there.  Less than impressive.  And if you want to see funny, look up the Donald Trump Roast on Comedy Central.  You can find it on youtube for sure.  I don’t know if he wrote his own ‘jokes’ but they were ghastly.  Shoot even Snoop Dogg slayed the crowd.  The situation made Jeff Ross look funny.  Not an easy thing to do.  Ok, who am I kidding, even DONALD TRUMP was comparatively hilarious!

The sad moral of this post is taht A&F really has sunk to new level if they feel they have to bribe anyone to not wear their clothing.  Please!  Gimmie a break.  And as for the pathetic nut jobs that are delusional enough to think they are stars…enjoy the last 30 seconds of your 15 minutes!  tick…tick….tick…  time up!