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Jeff Grillo 2016 Campaign Kicking Off NOW!

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With the deadline to file a candidacy coming up at the end of this month, I am too late to declare for 2012…Sorry America!

But, I figure I will toss my hat in the ring now for the next go-around. What qualifies me for President of the United States of America? A simple answer…the Constitution. You see, the only qualifications required are that you are a natural born citizen….check! AND, that you are at least 35 years old…check!

I have come to the conclusion that America needs a plain talking man of his word to take the reigns of this once great nation. Under a Jeff Grillo Presidency, this nation will once again be great!

Here’s my platform..take it or leave it.

1. America FIRST – No more throwing money over seas to nations that hate us. Stop nation building. Last I checked, those nations we are bombing the crap out of now, were pretty crappy before we got there. How about they thank us for getting rid of tyranical dictators and move on. Just a thought… I’m not saying it’s right but it’s right for now. Bring our men and women home. A few strategic places we can keep troops…ie, Japan, S.Korea, Germany, Italy, etc. Keep some boys in Saudi Arabia in case anyone in the Middle East gets out of line, we will have a quick path to even things up. I know this was under Domestic policyt…but by starting with this, I merely point out I will save trillions of dollars by cutting us off from being the world cops.
2. Cut corporate taxes to match those of nations our corporations are running to in order to save money. This may not sound smart, except it will bring jobs home! More jobs at home…bigger tax base…voila!
3. Enough with the green crap! Drill baby drill! Sound familiar? I think I’ll make that Palen chick czar of oil and drills and stuff. Canada? Keep those oil sands coming baby. Solar? The only solar policy I have is use a little spf before hitting the beach….capice?
4….or whatever number is next….(typing too fast). Let’s put people to work by bulding that freakin’ fence along the border….build it with wood, concrete, steel…electronic thingys with lasers that’ll blast anyone sgoofy enough to cross the border illegally. BUT…in fairness…we’ll clamp down on ALL illegal entry to this nation…BUT…hand in hand with that policy we will streamline and speed up the process for LEGAL immigrants. Let’s not make it difficult for people trying to get here legitimately who want a better life.
5..i’ll get back to domestic stuff later….that’s enough for now.

1. ISRAEL….YES / IRAN…NO! Benjamin Netanyahu…you have free reign to do what you will with people who pose a threat….and we will have your back!
2. UN….thanks but No THANKS! yOU ARE EVICTED…NO more money from US taxpayers. You’re evicted…find a new home. As for the property in the US…Library? Community Center? Museum to stupid policies? sure!
#next…. US military….lets build build build. How about a fleet of new nuclear subs and aircraft carriers and station them off the China Coast….just in case.
#next… China….i like Donald Trumps position on China…if you’re not gonna play nice and stop manipulating your currency…25% tarrif. That ought to do it.
#next… Let’s boost up our cyber defenses too….and how about we nuke Nigeria if they keep sending me those stupid email scams to get my bank account info. Maybe that’s just me…. Sorry Nigeria. Maybe we’ll just unplug you guys from the net. Oh…and if I get one more freakin spam email from viagra…enlarge my manparts email…holy crap….enough already!

Look, I’ve got ideas a plenty, but in order to get going….I need to know my blog readers are with me here! Just in the interest of transparency here…I’m a registered republican…but if I run, I’m guessing I wont get the GOP nomination…so I’m gonna start a grassroots movement to start a new party. No more DEM, GOP, or IND…I’m starting the WTF party! No it’s not what you think. It stands for “Why the Frown?” Its a party for people who have been made sad by the current system. The WTF party will stand for sane, right thinking people who are tired of frowning….and want to smile!

I love you all1 God Bless America!


Written by jeffgrillomedia

October 8, 2011 at 8:38 pm

Delusions in Politics

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I guess I’m about to touch the third rail here.  That’s right, I feel like putting my thoughts out there on the 2012 Presidential race thus far, for what’s it worth.

Alright, first the GOP lineup.

Yesterday Michelle Bachman won the Iowa contest and is the front runner thus far.  Now, I did not have opportunity to see the debate, so this is more commentary on personality than substance.  Bachman to me could possibly be a viable candidate.  Successful attorney, Congresswoman, mother, wife, and let’s not forget great foster parent.  Can she win?  No crystal ball here, but as far as the first female President, she’s got a much better shot than Palen.  Tim Polenty, bu-bye!  Never really thought too highly of this guy.  Basically had the personality and enthusiasm of a wet dishrag.  Herman Kane?  GodFather Pizza CEO, former Gospel singer, etc.  I guess if we are going to be puritanical with respect to the intent of the founding fathers, then sure, bring it on.  No experience necessary.  in fact, there is much I like about the possibility of a successful business person taking the reigns of federal government and possibly leading us out of this financial mess.  We need a sort of financial Moses here.  So, say what you want, I think Kane will add alot to the debates.  Can he win?  Again, crystal ball is in the shop.  But, I’m looking forward to journey.  Santorum, this Thaddeus guy et al, don’t do a thing for me.  As for Romney, he’s sort of Obama-lite to me.  No thank you.  Now, Rick Perry, so far this guy has my vote.  Successful governor of one of the largest states in the Union.  Governer of a border state.  Christian man, not afraid to live and walk his faith on a national stage, detractors be darned!  My dream ticket at the moment is Perry/Bachman.  That’s a ticket I can get excited about.

Now for the DEMs.

Naturally Obama probably will be an uncontested candidate in the primary.  However, here’s what I would love to see.  Now, I’m not a democrat, not by a long shot.  But, I think this would make for an amazing election season.  I would love to Hillary Clinton step down from Secretary of State and throw her hat in the ring and run against Obama.  With Obama checking in with a dismal 39% favorability rating, someone with the guts to run against Obama will assuredly have an easier go of it than if he was a decent leader.

Ok, not using a crystal ball here as previously mentioned twice, but I am going to put my neck out some 14 months in advance of the election.  Here are the results, assuming Obama goes uncontested in the primaries.

Perry  61%

Obama  37%

Other  2%

I’m obviously predicting a landslide regardless of who gets the GOP nomination, but I see it especially huge if Perry takes it.  Let’s face it, historically people vote from the pocketbooks.  The cupboard is bare in America, and fair or not, Obama will lose big because of it.