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False Profits

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Ok, this one is super short.  Yes the title is correct.  The use of the word ‘profits’ instead of the expected ‘prophets’ was indeed inteded.

For months I have observed the propogation of fear on the web, especially in the realm of YouTube.  So many theories on end times, NWO, rapture dates set and the overall end of the world as we know it have been out of control.  In response to this insanity, I put together a ten minute video which will expose the wrong thinking and help you towards truth and dare I say a healthy dose of sanity!

Please take the time to watch this video in its entirety.  Be sure to repost wherever you can and share it with anyone and everyone you can.  There is a lot of fear out there right now and I am certain we all can benefit from a nice dose of hope.

Thank you in advance!  Blesings!


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October 4, 2015 at 11:55 pm

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Hopefully my title grabbed you, especially if you’re one of those uptight folk that get all nuts over people saying the word ‘Christmas.’ 

I don’t have a particular bone to pick or battle to wage in this blog post, but rather, just felt like having a little ‘public’ reflection time.

As I get older, it amazes me how fast time flies by me.  I know this is a common phenomenon.  I recall being a little kid and hearing my parents lament over the passage of time.  This always seemed a bit of a mystery from a child’s perspective as, Christmas, and for that matter, any good event always seemed to take forever and a day to arrive.  Now, I find myself in those familiar shoes and asking myself, ‘where did the time go?’  All the shopping is done, and now, just the waiting for those magical moments when my two children get their long desired treasures.  The fun for my wife and I is al about that.  Now, don’t jump ahead of me.  As a Pastor and lover of all things Messiah, i and my family are very much in touch with the true meaning of what we celebrate at this time of year. 

In fact, that brings me to the ‘meat’ of my blog today.  This isn’t the typical baby Jesus story, but rather a look at the big picture of Kingdom business.  In the book of Matthew, in the 22nd chapter there is an account of a scribe questioning Jesus as tho which was the most important of all the commands.  Jesus replied, quoting places in Leviticus and Deuteronomy, to love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and soul…which better translates as all your time, talent, and resources. 

I taught this a little in depth during a leadership meeting at my church this past Sunday.  But for the sake of brevity here, I just want to mention it so that you hopefully take away that one simple line.  I hope you think on it as we near the end of the year and ask yourself if you have loved and served the Lord your God with all your time, talent and resources this year.  If not, I certainly hope you bring it with you into the new year and start it anew.

When it comes right down to it…if you give of your time talent and resources for any reason other than for the Kingdom…then you do it in vain.  Keep the furtherance of the Kingdom of God foremost in your heart as you give of yourself.  God will bless you here and now…but more importantly you lay up treasure in heaven.


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December 14, 2011 at 3:12 pm

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Daddy’s Back!

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Hey Kids!

Sorry that I had vanished without a trace for a time.  It was not my intention to leave you, my treasured readers lonely and afraid, (or something like that).  Things have been insane for me the past several weeks.  Suffice it to say up front, that I am alive and hanging in there no worse for the wear.    I’m still suffering through dancing with the stars.  I have no bloody idea how or why Nancy Grace and Chaz Bono are in the mix.  Gotta be some sort of Faustian pact with teh devil I suppose.

My marathon training got interrupted per doctors orders around week #9.  I’m pretty bummed about it because I was making great improvements.  This Friday I am having some mroe testing done, and hopefully all will be fine, and I can resume training.  I’m guessing I’ll have to back track a few weeks and build back up once again to where I was.  I assure you all that my training is merely postponed, and not cancelled(by God’s grace and mercy!).

I’ll keep you posted on that.

Also, I did have opportunity to begin posting some ‘serious’ articles on

Not sure if you are familiar with that site, but, if you are so inclined, I strongly encourage you to check it out, and look for me….Jeff Grillo!  Woo Hoo!  ( you won’t see any woo hoo’s from me over theree!)

I am pretty much back.  I can’t promise daily articles right away…but, i can promise you that you wont go more than a couple days without a dose of my madness.  Oh…I should also have some good news to post pretty soon.  I have a new radio show that is going to be syndicated on a few internet radio sources.  As soon as I have URL’s and times, I’ll post here so you can check it out.  The show is pretty nutty and funny.  If you remotely enjoy my posts, you will absolutely love the radio ME!


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October 25, 2011 at 12:44 am

Jeff Grillo 2016 Campaign Kicking Off NOW!

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With the deadline to file a candidacy coming up at the end of this month, I am too late to declare for 2012…Sorry America!

But, I figure I will toss my hat in the ring now for the next go-around. What qualifies me for President of the United States of America? A simple answer…the Constitution. You see, the only qualifications required are that you are a natural born citizen….check! AND, that you are at least 35 years old…check!

I have come to the conclusion that America needs a plain talking man of his word to take the reigns of this once great nation. Under a Jeff Grillo Presidency, this nation will once again be great!

Here’s my platform..take it or leave it.

1. America FIRST – No more throwing money over seas to nations that hate us. Stop nation building. Last I checked, those nations we are bombing the crap out of now, were pretty crappy before we got there. How about they thank us for getting rid of tyranical dictators and move on. Just a thought… I’m not saying it’s right but it’s right for now. Bring our men and women home. A few strategic places we can keep troops…ie, Japan, S.Korea, Germany, Italy, etc. Keep some boys in Saudi Arabia in case anyone in the Middle East gets out of line, we will have a quick path to even things up. I know this was under Domestic policyt…but by starting with this, I merely point out I will save trillions of dollars by cutting us off from being the world cops.
2. Cut corporate taxes to match those of nations our corporations are running to in order to save money. This may not sound smart, except it will bring jobs home! More jobs at home…bigger tax base…voila!
3. Enough with the green crap! Drill baby drill! Sound familiar? I think I’ll make that Palen chick czar of oil and drills and stuff. Canada? Keep those oil sands coming baby. Solar? The only solar policy I have is use a little spf before hitting the beach….capice?
4….or whatever number is next….(typing too fast). Let’s put people to work by bulding that freakin’ fence along the border….build it with wood, concrete, steel…electronic thingys with lasers that’ll blast anyone sgoofy enough to cross the border illegally. BUT…in fairness…we’ll clamp down on ALL illegal entry to this nation…BUT…hand in hand with that policy we will streamline and speed up the process for LEGAL immigrants. Let’s not make it difficult for people trying to get here legitimately who want a better life.
5..i’ll get back to domestic stuff later….that’s enough for now.

1. ISRAEL….YES / IRAN…NO! Benjamin Netanyahu…you have free reign to do what you will with people who pose a threat….and we will have your back!
2. UN….thanks but No THANKS! yOU ARE EVICTED…NO more money from US taxpayers. You’re evicted…find a new home. As for the property in the US…Library? Community Center? Museum to stupid policies? sure!
#next…. US military….lets build build build. How about a fleet of new nuclear subs and aircraft carriers and station them off the China Coast….just in case.
#next… China….i like Donald Trumps position on China…if you’re not gonna play nice and stop manipulating your currency…25% tarrif. That ought to do it.
#next… Let’s boost up our cyber defenses too….and how about we nuke Nigeria if they keep sending me those stupid email scams to get my bank account info. Maybe that’s just me…. Sorry Nigeria. Maybe we’ll just unplug you guys from the net. Oh…and if I get one more freakin spam email from viagra…enlarge my manparts email…holy crap….enough already!

Look, I’ve got ideas a plenty, but in order to get going….I need to know my blog readers are with me here! Just in the interest of transparency here…I’m a registered republican…but if I run, I’m guessing I wont get the GOP nomination…so I’m gonna start a grassroots movement to start a new party. No more DEM, GOP, or IND…I’m starting the WTF party! No it’s not what you think. It stands for “Why the Frown?” Its a party for people who have been made sad by the current system. The WTF party will stand for sane, right thinking people who are tired of frowning….and want to smile!

I love you all1 God Bless America!

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October 8, 2011 at 8:38 pm

Trying Not to Die

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In case you’ve been paying attention and noticed that I have not posted anything in my ‘My Marathon Training’ category in a while. First off, yes I am still training. I am in week #9 of 26 weeks of training. This should be week #10, but I repeated week #8 in order to get back on track after a week of injury.

I’ve got to admit, I have mixed emotions about my training. It seems to be more and more of dread involved with my runs now that they are getting to be 8 and 9 miles long. Im experiencing more pain. That being said, I am improving in terms of cardiovascular health. I’m on the borderline of being ‘average’ finally! Yes…a big improvement! My weight however has remained about the same which is incredibly surprising m to me. I have definitely made physical changes. My waistline is trimmer for sure. My legs are much more defined. I’m guessing that the weight gains in muscle are offsetting fat loss. But, it is still somewhat disturbing to me.

I’m guessing the #’s on the scale will startt to drop here soon. Gotta believe that my legs are only gonna get so big. Then any additional fat loss should show up then.

Overall, am I glad I’m doing this? Yes. It’s insane all day long, but, I do feel better in some ways. Plus, it will be one big check mark on my bucket list. I just hope i get to check it off, before the training kills me!

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October 5, 2011 at 2:55 pm

Domestic Terrorism…Food for Thought

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Right off the top here, I want to be specific.  This post is not about Islamic Jihad.  I’m strictly talking about terrorism from within our own borders.  This terrorist network lives among us.  They are our neighbors, and we may not even know it.  We often talk, for the past ten years, about the atrocity visited upon our nation when foreign terrorists struck our nation on September 11, 2001.  These people stole nearly 3,000 lives in a one time attack.  The response from our Nation was swift and deliberate.  We have invested hundreds of billions of dollars to combat that evil at its source.  We have sacrificed thousands of brave American lives in the pursuit of justice.  Yet absolutely nothing is done about a form of legal domestic terrorism that murders nearly 1,000 people every single day.  In fact, not only are we not fighting this domestic terrorism, our Federal Government and State Governments are paying for it.  Shoot, they are even prosecuting those who would stand against it.

According to Federal statistics, Planned Parenthood committed over 330,000 abortions last year alone.  That is a rate of nearly 1,000 people a day that are killed in what should be the safety of their mothers womb.  Maybe the numers are too big to grasp, so I’ve decided to break it down in a way most people can understand.

Imagine Sunday afternoon.  The Dallas Cowboys are playing in a packed house.  Their stadium holds 80,000 fans.  Now imagine that stadium filled to capacity more than 3 1/2 times over.  What if a terrorist of foreign origin successfully detonated a bomb that in an instant wiped out all those people?  You see how it eclipses 9/11 by more than 100 times.  Yet we do nothing.

Her in Charlotte, North Carolina, our dismal Carolina Panthers play in Bank of America stadium.  This stadium, if it were ever to be packed, holds about 73,000 fans.  It would take almost 5 capacity crowds slaughtered to equal what Planned Parenthood murders in a single year.

Not a football fan?  Let me break it down in terms of other sports for this to hit home.  Don’t coward out on me…stick with this.  Laker fans, when they go for an NBA game at the Staples center in LA hear this.  That arena only holds a little over 18,000 fans.  That would take nearly 18 full capacity crowds to be executed in order to equal the number of babies that are mutilated each year.

Hockey fan?  My Boston Bruins play at the Fleet Center in Boston.  Capacity there is about the same as the Staples center.  Do you understand the magnitude of this atrocity?

Quit looking at ultrasound images and think of stadiums full of people.  What is being killed isn’t a fuzzy image on a computer screen.  It is a person, created by God.  A person that one day would grow up to be a person in one of those seats.  A person with a job, home, that gives to charity, that loves, that contribuetes to society and the economy, that has family and is deserving of the right to exist just as each person we’ve already looked at.

You and I, as taxpayers are funding the murder that on an annual basis is 100 times worse than 9/11.  We’re doing it every year.  We are doing nothing to stop it.  Call on your local Congressional and Senate leaders to stop funding abortions with yourm oney now!  All it takes for evil men to succeed, is for good men to do nothing.


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September 30, 2011 at 4:53 pm

Now I’ve Heard Everything

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I was planning on blogging about all the hullabaloo over class warfare.  But after catching a short sound byte on FOX News I decided I had to put class warfare for another day, and touch on this atrocity Ithat just came to my attention.  Stick with me, this will be short…I’ve gotta go grab cup of coffee #3 for the morning.  I’m almost awake!

Alright, I’m missing some of the details such as; names of those involved and the exact name of the law involved…and like I said, I’m in a hurry to go get my java, so no time to play with the DVR.  But, you’ll get the point alright.  So, the story goes like this.  A Canadian woman is suing her 2 adult children.  She is suing under Canadian law called, something like, the parental support act.  First you need to know that the mom in question abandoned her children when they were only 15 years old, and has not seen her kids since that time.  Under the law, she is suing her children for parental support to the tune of $750 per month.  I guess the point of the law is to have children be responsible and take care of aging parents who need help.  Naturally the kids doth protest.  Citing the fact they were abandoned and have had no relationship with her for decades.  The jury is still out.

Does Canada recognize ‘mother of the year?’  If not, here’s your opportunity!  Look, I grew up in New England, and I understand how stinkin’ crazy cold it gets in the winter.  I also understand SAD, (seasonal affective disorder).  You know the disorder that gets people all nutty and depressed because of the lack of light and sunny days.  Gets people all sad and moddy and stuff.  But come on!  Seriously Canada?  I think of Canadians as Americas weird, awkward uncle.  Aside from oil, hockey players and Nickelback…they don’t really have a whole lot going on.  Is this just a desperate cry for attention O Canada?  Stop the madness!  The fact that this is even a consideration under the law…to hold people responsible for parents who were NOT responsible is ridiculous!  Have members of US 9th circuit court of appeals infiltrated your justice system?  I thought we (they) had the market cornered on crazy…but you have surprised me.

To the mom…you’re sick, nuts, sad and pathetic.  Welcome to the Biblical principle of ‘you reap what you sow.’  It’s one thing if your kids choose to forgive you, and have pity on you and decide on their own free will to help you out.  But for you to have the gaul to feel entitled enough to sue in court to force the very people you refused to love and nurture in favor of neglect, reject and abandon. ..and now you want them to care for you?  WOW!

I sincerely hope that the Canadian courts rule in favor of your kids and leave you to fend for yourself.  First , so you can enjoy the harvest that you are due.  Also, while you suffer and live in poverty for the remainder of your days…hopefully you will think long and hard about the error of your ways.  Maybe you might actually be sorry for what you’ve done.  Who knows, maybe even a little repentance may come out of it.  In the long run, if that’s the case…you just might appreciate the decision of the courts to leave hanging out to dry.

In any case people, let this be a lesson to you.  Be good parents.  Love your children.  Care for them.  It’s not only the right thing to do, it just may come back to you later in life.  Parents sometimes do indeed need their children to take care of them.


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September 22, 2011 at 12:03 pm